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Olympus Pen F

Body only!
35mm film half-frame.

Tested Olympus Pen F body, mechanically in order with small signs of use. The mirror is a bit scratched, which doesn't affect photos taken with the camera. New light seals have been placed.

The Pen F is a quite compact camera with a porro prism viewfinder, which completely avoids the traditional SLR prism bulge because the reflex mirror flips sideways, resulting in a compact viewfinder arrangement. The Pen F has a bayonet mount for interchangeable lenses. There is a release button and a depth of field preview button at the top of the lens close to the lens mount.

The focal plane shutter, which uses a rotating metal disc, has synch  at all speeds right up to 1/500 sec. The wind lever must be operated twice before each exposure, the high gear ratio thought necessary to wind the stiff shutter spring effortlessly.he camera has no built-in light meter, but a separately available one can be placed on the shutter-speed dial, attached to a two-pronged bayonet mount by a 90-degree twist. A small narrow button on the side releases the meter. The shutter speed dial is operated by a serrated ring at the lower side of the meter.
The Pen F system was at the time the first complete, system made by Olympus. It offers a variety of 17 dedicated and a full range of accessories. 

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