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Photo printing

Naturally just as any photo lab we do offer photo printing services! With us you can print your memories or work out in sizes of up to A4 within 2 hours. We also offer larger (poster format) prints that can be up to 110 cm on short end! Most importantly all of the printing is done in house, under our eye to make sure you get the best work possible!

You can pickup your printed photos in our shop in Eindhoven. We can also ship your photos at a shipping fee starting from €6.20

Photo printing (2-hr service)

Any prints between 10x10 and A4 are treated by us as photos. Those are normally ready within 2 hours (as long as we are open) from the receipt time.

 Prices photo printing

Prints of up to A4 are printed by Fujifilm Frontier dry minilab (inkjet) combined with Fujifilm's Vividia inks and Quality Dry Photo paper (by default with Luster finish, Glossy available upon request).

Size (in cm) Price (incl. 21% NL VAT)
10x15 € 0,40
11x15 € 0,45
13x13 € 0,45
13x18 € 0,55
15x15 € 0,60
15x20 € 0,80
15x21 (A5) € 0,85
20x20 € 1,50
20x25 € 1,85
21x30 (A4) € 2,20

 More printing sizes available on request.

Our photo printer is also capable of printing photo banners/panoramas on the same high quality photo paper! Banners can be up to 100cm long, whereas the height is determined by the paper width.

Prices photo banner (panorama) printing

Banner height  Price per 10cm of length (minimum 30cm)
10cm € 0,30
13cm € 0,35
15cm € 0,40
21cm € 0,60


File specification for photo/panorama printing

  • File extension: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF
  • DPI: Minimum 180DPI, recommended 300DPI or higher

Poster format printing

As already mentioned we are also capable of printing high quality photos/artwork on larger formats. All of poster prints are made using Epson Stylus Pro 9800 large format printer using original Ultrachrome K3 inks. By default your work is printed on a 310gsm SpectraJet Premium paper with Lustre finish (other are paper types are available upon lab's agreement, bear in mind that different media (paper) will result in different pricing).

Prices poster format printing

Size Price
30x25 €11,00
30x30 €12,00
30x40 €12,50
30x45 €13,00
40x40 €12,50
40x50 €13,00
40x60 €14,00
50x30 €15,00
50x35 €15,50
50x40 €16,00
50x45 €17,00
50x50 €17,50
50x70 €19,50
50x75 €20,00
60x60 €28,00
60x80 €30,00
60x90 €41,00
70x70 €46,00
80x80 €49,50
90x90 €52,00
90x135 €65,00
100x100 €55,00
100x150 €75,00

More printing sizes available on request.

File specification for poster format printing

  • File extension: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF
  • Resolution: Minimum 300DPI

Canvas printing

We can also print on Canvas using our Epson large format printer. The canvas used is Epson Production Canvas with Matte finish. This canvas provides super-b work quality with very deep, yet accurate colors. It comes without saying that prints are still razor sharp to the eye.

Size Price
30x25 € 18,50
30x30 € 21,00
40x30 € 22,00
45x30 € 23,00
40x40 € 25,50
50x40 € 27,00
60x40 € 28,00
50x30 € 22,00
50x35 € 24,00
50x40 € 26,00
50x45 € 29,00
50x50 € 32,00
50x70 € 42,00
50x75 € 44,00
60x60 € 37,00
60x80 € 47,00
60x90 € 52,00
70x70 € 70,00
80x80 € 80,00
90x90 € 90,00
90x135 € 135,00
100x100 € 105,00
110x140 € 145,00
110x80 € 86,00
110x150 € 155,00

File specification for canvas printing

  • File extension: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF
  • Resolution: Minimum 300DPI

File delivery instructions

We currently do not have any online photo service system. Nonetheless, there is a very easy way to delivery your files to us without leaving your home (works both on PCs and mobile devices)!

  1. Go to:
  2. Upload the photos/work you would like to get printed.
  3. Enter your email address and write down how big the prints should be.
  4. Click Upload
  5. Sit back and relax! We will get to work for you and once your prints are ready you will receive an email from us!