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Minolta Zoom 110 SLR Mark II

Camera is fully tested and confirmed to be in a fully working condition. Overall cosmetic condition is also very good. This camera is an SLR for 110 film, and takes 2 x LR44 or SR44 batteries - sold separately. The 110 film in our offer is from Lomography. 

The miniature Minolta 110 Zoom SLR MKII; a real ‘SLR’ type camera with auto exposure, an excellent fixed parfocal zoom lens, aperture priority mode, exposure compensation and a lot of other features normally found on SLR’s of the day.

Name; Minolta 110 Zoom SLR MK II.

Manufactured by; Minolta Camera Co, Osaka, Japan.

Date of manufacture; ca1979.

Build material; appears to be plastic and metal with a quality fit and finish.

Weight; camera only, 17.0oz (484g).

Dimensions;  4.5″ (115mm) wide, 3.0″ (77mm) tall, and 4.0″ (102mm) deep.

Focal length; 25-67mm.  Similar to 50-135mm in 135 format.

ISO; set by the film cartridge; ASA 100-400.

Focusing distance; 3.6′ (1.1m) to infinity; and 7.7″-35″ (196-890mm) using the macro mode.   Maximum reproduction ratio is 0.19x.  Focusing is done manually.

Viewfinder; eye level fixed pentaprism type, showing 85% of film frame area.  Magnification of 0.68x at 25mm, and 1.74x at 67mm.  Split image focusing spot centered in matte field.  Shutter speeds show up on left side of viewfinder in one stop increments from 1/60s.

Approximate resolution; good film will make very sharp 4×6″ prints.  See sample images farther down the page.

Lens; all glass parfocal Rokkor 25-67mm macro F/3.5; multi-coated 12 elements in 10 groups.  Filter size is 40.5mm.  Macro mode uses swing-in close-up element.

Shutter and speed; metal blade vertical traverse type, stepless electronically controlled speeds, 1/1000 to 1/4s plus mechanical ‘X’ (1/125s) and bulb settings; electromagnetic release.

Aperture; six straight blades from F/3.5, F/4, F/5.6, F/8, F/11 and F/16, with full and half stop clicks.

Features; TTL through the lens convenience, so focusing, filters and composition that  you see in the viewfinder is what you get in the final picture.  Bulb mode for long exposures, eyepiece adjustments, self timer, exposure compensation, and macro mode.

Film; all ‘110’ cartridges, use backing paper to show you the shot number.  Negative size is 13x17mm, or about 1/4 the size of 135 format film.

Flash; none, but has hotshoe

Power; uses two 1.5V A76, 357, LR44 etc coin type batteries. 

Crippling features and omissions; must have batteries for shutter to operate.

Good features; everything you get with an standard 35mm SLR except shutter speed priority.

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