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Minolta Autopak 450E 110

Pocket film (110) camera with built-in flash. In a working condition. Strap included. Batteries sold separately ( 1 x AA )

Manufactured in the late 1970s by Minolta Camera Co. Ltd. The Autopak 450E featured a 26mm, f3.5, four elements in three groups lens. The focusing selector let you choose from three feet to infinity with five focus zones at 18' and beyond, 11', 7', 4', and 3' distances. A built-in close-up lens slides into position for focusing to 19 inches, which is also the carrying strap's fully extended length (a.k.a. the old “Minox close focus” trick). For exposure there are three settings: sun (about f11), cloud (wide open), and flash. A finder LED illuminates if light is insufficient at sun or cloud setting. It has a built-in flash with a range of 12' with ASA 80-100 film, 20' with ASA 250-400. In the flash position, the aperture is linked to the focus setting and stops down for closer focus settings. It has a fixed shutter speed of 1/200. The viewfinder has plenty of information: automatic parallax correction, a red flag indication when close-up lens is used and the focus setting is visible. The camera uses a single AA battery.

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