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Konica Jump (Weatherproof)

Camera has been tested by us, it appears to function normally, although the film motor makes a squeaking sounds when advancing/rewinding film. The shutter and flash performs well. Cosmetic defects in a form of scratches on the plastic camera cover. 

35mm point-and-shoot with fixed lens released by Konica in 1992. Simple controls, manual ISO selector and built-in flash and date back. Body is weatherproofed.

The Konica Jump underwent tests enabling it to meet the C0920 standard class 4 JIS rule (protection against splashes) and before describing the test conditions governed by the latter, it seems preferable to specify the benefits that its construction him.
• If it falls into the water to a depth of one meter at most, it is immediately removed and dried, it would suffer no harm insofar as the joints are perfect and that it has not previously suffered shock that could harm a proper closure.
• If it falls into deep snow or fresh (not frozen the snow!), it will suffer no harm provided they are recovered quickly and suffered.
• The cleaning of the Konica Jump can be made either under a tap (see Standard JIS further, do not use a fire hose nozzle) or by immersing it in a dozen of centimetres of clean water, without soap or detergent, by waggling it therein gently for a few seconds while taking care not to handle any controls. Take it out and dry then usual way.
• In case of difficulty opening back (sudden changes in temperature or pressure), begin by opening the battery housing, the sequence of operations will be facilitated.

  • Lens: 35mm f4 Konica Lens
  • ISO range: 100, 200, 400
  • Size: 125 x 49 x 70mm
  • Weight: 228g


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