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Kodak Vision3 250D 135-36

KODAK VISION3 250D Color Negative Film, now repacked for use in still photography!

VISION3 250D Film has outstanding skin tones and color reproduction, while adding technical innovations that improve product performance and increase product versatility. The proprietary, advanced Dye Layering Technology (DLT) provides noticeably reduced grain in shadows, allowing you to pull out an amazing amount of shadow detail. The proprietary Sub-Micron Technology enables 2 stops of extended highlight latitude, so you can follow the action into bright light-in a single shot-without worrying about blown-out details.

This film was loaded from a bulk packaging onto individual rolls. The film has a protective remjet layer that must be removed prior to processing in C-41 chemistry, we offer ECN-2 processing (native for this stock) with the remjet removal. Allow a tolerance of +/- 2 frames per roll due to manual loading.

Bear in mind that this is an experimental product and is a subject to any sorts of imperfections (i.e. scratching) hence no guarantee can be given regarding the quality of the roll. We do our best to keep the reloading process as safe as possible for film, but there is always room for imperfections.

All films are DX coded for ISO 200 and 36 exposures (this small overexposure will do no harm to your photos! Film will work with most of cameras with automatic film advance, although we cannot guarantee correct operation in such cameras. 

This film can be developed in ECN-2 or C-41 chemistry after removing the remjet layer. 

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