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Kodak T-Max Developer 1L TM 5L

Kodak Professional T-MAX Developer liquid concentrate B&W film developer is ideal for TMAX film and suitable for most other B&W films. This developer helps to produce expanded shadow detail and maintain accurate tonal reproduction with normally processed and push-processed roll films.

To use, the concentrate should be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:4, making it easy to mix for small tank and rotary tube development. It is important to note that T-MAX developer is designed for one-shot use only; measured working-strength solutions should not be reused or replenished. It is meant for roll film only and is not recommended for use with sheet films.


  • B&W film developer
  • Ideal for Kodak T-Max film
  • Liquid concentrate
  • One-shot, mixed working-strength solutions should not be re-used
  • Provides expanded shadow detail
  • Suitable for normal push/pull processing
  • 1L liquid concentrate to make 5L

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