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Kodak HC-110 B/W film developer 1L

KODAK PROFESSIONAL HC-110 Developer is a highly concentrated liquid developer. It is intended for use with a variety of black-and-white films, some graphic-arts films, and some glass plates. It can be used for replenished and non-replenished systems. 


  • Highly active - Short development times
  • Liquid concentrate - Easy mixing
  • Clean solution - Cleaner tanks, racks and reels; Less equipment maintenance
  • Long solution life - Less waste; Fewer chemical dumps
  • Stable solutions - Easy process control, even with low utilization
  • Quality of stock solutions maintained over a long time - Good shelf life


Packaging 1L
Usage Dilutions vary
Type B/W film developer
Capacity Depends on dilution used. Working solution to be used only as single-shot
MPN (Manufacturers'Part Number) 1058692


Development times and more information can be found in the datasheet 

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