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Fujifilm Fujicolor 200 135-36

Due to limited shipments of consumer-grade films we have introduced a limit of 10 rolls of Fujifilm 200 per client. System won't stop you from ordering more, but we will be adjusting your orders and issuing partial refunds if you order more than 10 pieces. This means that when ordering amounts above the limit of 10 rolls we will ship 10 films without any consultations! Please keep fun for everybody

FUJIFILM 200 is a daylight color negative film with an ISO speed rating of 200.

Per Fujifilm this is a new packaging of Fujifilm C200, although online reports suggest that film packaged inside the canister is Kodak Gold 200 as both films characteristics' curves are almost the same.

Film is packed individually. Multiples of 10 pieces are bundled together.


Film format 135 (35mm)
Amount of exposures 36
ISO 200
Reciprocity failure No compensation needed for speeds between 1/10,000s and 1s
Development process C-41

This and more information can be found in the technical datasheet which is available here

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