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Fomatol LQN 250ml

High-durable liquid concentrate of a phenidone- hydroquinone normal-working positive developer.


The developer is designed for the manual and automatic processing of all sorts of black-and- white photographic papers.


Manual processing: 1 part of concentrate + 7 parts of water Automatic processing 1 part of concentrate + 4 parts of water

Developing capacity

1 litre of ready-to-use developer (dilution 1 + 7) is sufficient to develop 1.5 sq. m and 3 sq. m of photopaper on baryta (FB) and resin-coated (RC) paper base respectively. Recommended replenishment rate for the automatic processing: 200 ml of ready-to-use developer (dilution 1 + 4) per 1 sq. m of photopaper.


Packaging 250mL
Usage 1+7 or 1+4
Type B/W paper developer
Capacity 1.5 sq. m FB paper or 3 sq. m RC paper
MPN (Manufacturers'Part Number) 70003

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