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As a side activity we are also trying to save old rolls of film from oblivion. Not only by selling the expired film, which may give a unique look and feel of your photos, but also by developing and digitizing the long forgotten rolls of film that where for instance stuck in cameras for years. So far we have managed to rescue quite some photos from other people's memories and are planning to start a digital gallery of those found images. Of course your contribution is always highly welcomed! How can you contribute? Find out now!

So far we have managed to rescue rolls that are even 40 years old and there are proofs that modern processing techniques allow for obtaining decent image from the film. Keep in mind though that since the film is made out of organic and chemical compounds it is a subject to deteriorate over time.


Of course your contribution is always highly welcomed! How can you contribute? There are two ways:
First one is that you fill up a special form and mail the film to us. We will get it developed and scanned in high resolution free of charge and you will receive a copy of scans for yourself. The catch is that you will agree to transfer the rights to the photos over to us (so the Analog Space V.O.F.).

If you really don't look forward to loosing the ownership of the potential photos, you can send us the film as a regular lab order - check out on how to do it! Keeping in mind to note on the form (if possible) how long the film was waiting for it to get developed and its storage conditions (or where it was found). Sending a film by a regular order means that you will have to pay for the processing of it.