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Voigtlander Vito TF automatic

Compact 35mm camera manufactured by Voigtlander. The camera was tested and all is in working order. It's equipped with a flash and a zoom lens. The film is transported automatically. Great for beginners and casual film shooters. Battery: CR-P2 (x1) is sold separately.

The Voigtländer VITO TF is a late 80s compact camera. It's equipped with an autofocus and a 35 mm lens, which is switchable to 70 mm through a button on the top. It also features information-rich LCD on the top, indicating number of exposures available, if the film is a DX coded one (and, if so, what speed), and if exposure compensation has been activated. It has a continuous shooting mode, a self-timer and a backlight compensation button. The viewfinder indicates focusing zone using three symbols, a trait shared with the early generations of autofocus cameras but later abandoned.

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