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Ricoh RZ-105 Zoom Date 35mm compact camera

We're selling this rather advanced point-and-shoot with a built in flash from Ricoh. It comes with original strap and lens cover (attached to the camera itself so it's impossible to loose it). The camera uses 35mm film and requires single 2CR5 battery which is sold separately (also available on our site).

In term of specs the Ricoh RZ-105 Zoom Date seems quite run of the mill. It sports a 38 to 105mm zoom lens (with 2 aspheric elements), albeit a bright one with maximum apertures of f3.6 and f5.5 at the wide and zoom end of the zoom respectively. It has shutter speeds of 1 second to 1/500th, passive autofocus (switches to active in low light) in 2048 steps (whatever that means, but seems a lot) from 0.65m (at tele) to infinity; ISO 64 to 3200; pre-winding to the last frame and, most importantly, date and “Happy birthday!” imprinting.

Regarding flash and creative modes the Ricoh RZ-105 it’s also pretty standard. Flash on (auto and fill-in) and off, red-eye reduction and Super Night Mode which takes 2 consecutive exposures, one focused on infinity without flash and another with flash after re-focusing on the subject (if there’s any within 7 meters). Additionally, the camera offers Single-AF (spot focus) and a Ricoh’s staple, TV mode. The Super Night Mode doubles as infinity focus depending on the light levels.

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