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Praktica MTL5 + Pentacon AUTO 50/1.8

We are selling this SLR set for 35mm film photography consisting of Praktica MTL 5 body and a Pentacon auto MC 50/1.8 lens. The only defect present in the camera is a broken frame counter. It doesn't have a impact on photos taken with the camera, but it does mean that you need to be aware of when the film is going to end, so you don't rip it out of the casette. Other than that this camera set is ready to use, you just need to purchase a battery for it (it's not a part of the set). 

The light meter is powered by a single V625U (PX 625) battery which is sold separately. 

The Praktica MTL 5 B is a 35mm SLR made in Dresden, East Germany by Pentacon between 1985 & 1989. It features TTL exposure metering, triggered by a stop down button next to the front-mounted shutter release. A match-needle display on the right side of the viewfinder indicates whether the chosen combination of shutter speed and aperture will lead to under-, over-, or correct exposure. The meter is powered by a battery fitted in the base. 

The steel-bladed focal plane shutter runs vertically at speeds from 1s to 1/1000s, plus B (bulb) for long exposures. The film speed setting ranges from 12 ASA (12 DIN) to 1600 ASA (33 DIN). Interchangeable lenses utilize the M42 screw mount.

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