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Praktica B100 Electronic + MC Pentacon Prakticar 1.8/50mm

We are selling this camera in a good working order and a "B-" cosmetic condition; the original leatherette back had to be re-applied as the previous owner has used hot glue on the camera. It has been brought back to the best possible condition.


The camera has a fully automatic shutter speed setting – it’s not possible to select the shutter speed yourself, other than by changing the aperture to shift it. This camera was aimed at the beginner photographer who wanted a ‘point and shoot’ camera. The metering is carried out ‘through the lens’ at full aperture and is powered by a PX28 battery fitted in the bottom of the camera. The lens has electronic contacts which allow the metering circuitry to read the aperture value set on the lens so all the composition, focusing and aperture selection is carried out with the brightest view possible and the aperture stopped down only at the moment of exposure.

Praktica PB bayonet mount lens

Full electronic shutter selection

Flash hot shoe and sync socket

Vertical metal focal plane shutter

Open aperture metering

45 degree split focusing aid

ISO range 3200 to 12 ASA

+/- 2 stops exposure compensation with lock

Self timer (broken on my example)

Motor drive contacts and drive thread fitted

Shutter lock button

Shutter button threaded for cable release

Film info slot fitted to film chamber door

Tripod bush


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