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Polaroid Close Up 636 + BOX

We are selling this Polaroid Close Up 636 camera in a great cosmetic and technical condition. It has been tested, we guarantee it will work. It comes with the original box.

The Polaroid 636 Closeup is an instant camera. The functions are identical to the Polaroid One Step (rounded corners). It is designed for the 600 format of the American company.

The Polaroid 636 Closeup is very easy to use. You don’t need a manual to press the shutter button, the camera takes care of the rest.

The exposure time and aperture are automatically set by the instant camera with the help of the light meter. Lighter and darker instant pictures are possible with the light/dark control. There is no zoom or autofocus.

The camera has a built-in flash. An external flash cannot be connected to the camera. Of course, it is possible to trigger an external flash by firing the built-in flash. The problem here is the lack of control over the camera’s exposure settings.

Its namesake, is the close-up lens, which can be slid in front of the actual lens. The close-up lens allows a shorter distance to the subject.

The 636 does not have a tripod socket. The camera is not suitable for long exposures.

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