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Pentax Espio 115

Fully tested. Batteries sold separately. ( 1 x CR123A )
One defect: the switch under viewfinder that would make the camera more friendly to people with glasses is broken. It is currently set to 0 - neutral. 

Pentax Espio 115 is a 35mm compact film camera with autofocus and zoom lens, issued by Pentax in 1992. 

It uses a 38 to 115mm f/4 to 8.8 powered zoom lens. The shutter speed is at 1/400 to 1/5 of a sec. There is also bulb mode with 1/2 of a sec to 10 minutes. Images can be captured in the standard 24x36mm or in a panoramic 13x36mm format. Set the rotating lever on the back to P to select panoramic mode. A mask will automatically appear in the finder to aide framing. The top center of the camera has a LCD setting screen with exposure counter dominating the display. On the right of the screen are buttons for infinity focus and drive mode. The drive mode button has settings for single frame, self-timer, remote release (3 sec), remote release, constitutive frames, and multiple exposure. The left has buttons for flash and red eye. Flash settings include auto, daylight sync, slow sync (flash off), slow sync, bulb (flash off), and bulb-sync. There is also a button to illuminate the LCD screen.

The film is automatically advanced and rewound. Mid-roll rewind can be done by pressing and holding the mode button. It is compatible with DX coded films from 25 to 3200 ISO. Non-coded film are set at ISO 25. It is powered by a single CR123A battery.

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