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ORWO UN54 ISO 100 120 black and white film B-GRADE

Black and white negative from the renowned ORWO brand - made of 325m x61.5mm rolls

Fresh material (delivery on 21/05/2021)

ATTENTION - quality class B material - at a height of about 12 mm from the edge there is a manufacturing defect called - Pencilline. - visible in the attached photos. With a good selection of the frame, it does not bother you at all, but it is worth knowing about it. For Orwo lass B means that there may be some other defects - but the material works very well. You just have to remember to line up in your frame selection.

Panchromatic sensitization - polyester substrate

ISO for daylight - 100

ISO for artificial light - 80

Material made up to a length of 85 cm - about 13 photos in a 120-type film.

Wrapped on protective paper, ready for use with medium format cameras

This material is sold by Lomography as a version of Potsdam.

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