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Nikon FG-20 + Nikon E-Series Lens 50mm 1:1.8

We are selling this tested and cleaned SLR camera manufactured by Nikon. The camera comes in a set with a lens, strap and a leather cover. We also provide a sample picture taken with this camera. The battery is sold separately and can be purchased on our website. The camera is meant to be used with 135 film rolls.

The Nikon FG-20 is a 35mm SLR camera with interchangeable lenses. It was released in 1984 by Nippon Kogaku K. K. (now Nikon) as the successor to the earlier EM and FG cameras. It is actually a downgrade from its most direct predecessor, the FG, lacking the FG's program auto exposure mode. It uses the same vertical-travel metal focal-plane shutter as the FG, with electronically timed speeds from 1 to 1/1000 second as well as bulb and a mechanically timed 1/90-second speed.

The FG-20 could be considered a variant of the FG, as the differences between the two are the omission of program mode, exposure compensation dial, and TTL/OTF flash metering from the FG.

There is only a sole auto mode in aperture priority AE and manual exposure control. Shutter speeds range from 1-1/1000 sec, mechanical backup speed of 1/90 sec as with the EM and FG; it takes the MD-E and MD-14 for automatic film advance from as low as 2 fps to 3.2 fps respectively. It also provides auto and manual flash exposure control. Thus, all those quick remarks relating to FG-20 were not all wrong. You can referred the FG-20, as the name indicated - a simplified version of the Nikon FG that has no Programmed Auto mode; on the other hand, you can also called it as a EM that has manual and auto flash exposure control. There is one omission from the feature list, the useful TTL OTF flash control provided in the Nikon FG was not retained in the FG-20. However, the flash ready light and auto sync speed (when used in conjunction with a dedicated flash unit) were provided.

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