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Lomography Holga 135

We are selling this viewfinder, simple camera manufactured by Lomography. The camera is in a near-mint condition, and has no signs of wear that we could list here. This camera doesn't require any batteries to operate. We are adding an original lens cap as a part of this set.

The Holga 135 is the 35mm version of the Holga 120. Like the medium format camera, the 135 is almost completely made of plastic.

The 47 mm lens of the 35 mm camera is also made of plastic. The maximum aperture is f/8. A small slider can be used to change this from cloudy to sunny, giving an aperture of f/11.

Like the 120, the Holga 135 is a zone focus camera. Instead of meters, there are small pictograms around the lens. The single person stands for 1 meter, the small group for 2 meters, the large group for 6 meters and the mountain for infinity.

Exposure times there are only two options to choose from. “N” (1/125 sec) and “B” for a Bulb mode where the shutter is open as long as the shutter button is pressed. For long exposures, it has a connection for a tripod and a cable release.

A flash can be connected to the hot shoe. Multiple exposures can be created simply by releasing the shutter multiple times without rewinding.

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