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Fujica Flash S

Compact 35mm camera manufactured by Fujica. Second-hand; in overall good, working condition. One noteable defect is broken lamp indicator that would light up when the flash is ready to fire. Batteries sold separately. ( 2 x AA )

Lens: 1:4, 38mm, 3-component, 3-element, coated.
Shutter: Mechanical, 1/1 25-sec. fixed speed; X synchronization.
Focusing: Four-zone focusing, zone focusing symbols visible through viewfinder.
Viewfinder: Direct vision; 0.5 plus magnification; 85% field of view; -1 plus or minus 1 diop.; low-light warning
Film Advance: Wheel in camera back, provision for double-exposure prevention,
Film Rewind: Rewind button and crank,
Exposure Counter: Automatic reset, additive.
Built-in Flash: Guide number 10 {ASA 100 meter); 7 sec. recycle time; provided with ready lamp; two 1.5V penlight
batteries (AA size); Slide-up flash head {manual slide-up); flash switch turns on and aperture opens up fully when
flash head is pushed up; flash switch turn' off, aperture returns to normal, and ready lamp turns off when flash head is
pressed down
Body Finish: Black; simulated-leather front.
Dimension: 72x121 x54mm
Weight: 270g (without batteries)

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