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Ricoh FF-3 AF SUPER 35mm

We are selling this cleaned, tested point-and-shoot camera powered by two AA batteries included in the set with the camera. The camera is fully working, however the battery door seem to sometimes open under the weight of batteries. Because of this we are grading the camera to be in condition "B" and we recommend using a small piece of tape to secure the battery door as you're shooting with it. 

Weight; camera with batteries, 12.8oz (364g).

Dimensions; Size is 5.2″ (132mm) wide, 2.7″ (69mm) high, and 1.85″ (47mm) deep.

Focal length; 35mm.

Aperture; F/3.2-16, not user adjustable.

Focusing; auto focus, 3.3′ (1m) to infinity.  Half press to lock AF.  Manual states the AF uses eight different focusing zones to ‘insure maximum sharpness.’

Original print size; standard over-sized prints 4 x 6.″

Approximate resolution; will make excellent 8″x 10″ and larger prints.

Lens; Rikenon 35mm F/3.2 multi-coated glass five elements in five groups design.  Angle of view 63°  Online information directly from Ricoh says the lens design is five elements in four groups, but the owner’s manual says 5/5.

Shutter and speed; 1/6s to 1/500s but not user adjustable.  No cable release option.

Features; 10 second timer, flash on-off settings, adjustable ASA/ISO so this is also an exposure compensation dial.

Film; all 135 film cartridges

Flash.  built-in, distance coupled flash exposure control, GN 12m at ISO 100, 7 second recharge time with fresh lithium batteries.

Power; 2 AA batteries

DX coding; none, but manually adjustable at ISO 25, 64, 100, 200, 400 and 1000.

Good features; very simple to operate, excellent exposures, very sharp lens, mostly accurate AF at longer distances, and a decent flash.

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