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Revue 400S 35mm camera

This camera was tested, cleaned and has light seals replaced. Comes without batteries, and with a lens cap.

The Revue 400 S is a slimmed down version of the Revue 400 SE, its little sister, so to speak. It comes with a „Revuenon 38 mm f/2.8“ lens, the 400 SE has a 40 mm f1.7 lens. Also, there is no time preset, the light meter automatically sets the exposure itself. Film speeds from ISO 25 to ISO 400 are supported.

For this, the Revue 400 S also has a built-in rangefinder that helps to manually set the correct distance to the subject. The focus range starts at one meter and goes to infinity.

In terms of batteries, the camera actually requires PX 625 1.35V mercury coin cells. Since these are no longer allowed to be manufactured in the EU, you can reach for hearing aid batteries with a comparable voltage, for example.

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