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Praktica MTL3

We're selling this SLR body. Everything in working condition, the camera was cleaned prior to posting. There are small scratches on the camera cover, it doesn't impact the operation of the camera.  It requires a PX625 battery to operate the light meter and the battery is sold separately (also available in our store).  

The MTL 3 has a very robust metal curtain shutter. It moves vertically and is likely to work some 35 years after its production. (I have one that appears to be in full working order today in 2018) Speeds are B, then from 1 to 1/1000 sec. It has a separate position for use with electronic flash units; this is "about" 1/125 sec according to the camera's manual. It's metal curtains are not known to get punctured easily as cloth shutters often do.

The MTL 3 has a metering system that is integrated in the mirror. This makes it important to handle the mirror with care, or rather, never to touch it at all. A needle on the right side of the viewfinder indicates the correct exposure; "o" is correct, "+" means overexposed, "-" underexposed.

This metering system is the only battery-dependent system in the MTL 3. It takes a single 1.35v PX 625 mercury cell; without it, everything but the meter will continue to function. (The modern day replacement for the obsolete mercury battery is the MRB 625, available from WeinCell and other manufacturers.) A switch next to the shutter release button stops down the lens and switches on the meter. This way, no battery power is wasted when the camera is not in use. A black wedge on the left of the viewfinder indicates that the film has not yet been transported.

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