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Polaroid Land Camera 1000 + BOX

We are selling this Polaroid Land 1000 camera in a great cosmetic and technical condition. It has been tested with an empty film cassette and we guarantee it will work. It comes with the original strap and box.

The Land Camera 1000 is a foreign-markets version of the original Onestep model, with the features common to that range:

  • A plastic 103 mm f/14.6 meniscus lens with a fixed aperture.
  • 4ft minimum focus distance.
  • Exposure compensation dial around the electric eye.

The camera is powered by a battery built into the SX-70 film pack. It can accept some accessories designed for the folding SX-70 SLR cameras, such as flashbars, electronic flashes, and tripod mounts. A matching electronic flash was also released for the Onestep/Land Camera 1000, the Q-Light, as pictured here. It fits onto any non-folding SX-70 camera but was cosmetically matched to these original models.

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