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Minolta X-500 + MD Rokkor 50/1.4 lens

Lens and body in very good, used condition. The camera shows very minor signs of use on the exterior. The mirror, and the back were fitted with new foam seals. Camera strap comes as a part of this set. Batteries sold separately. It uses two 1.5v LR44/SR44 batteries.


The X-500 is a manual focus 35mm film SLRcamera by Minolta. It was also sold as the X-570. It accepts Minolta SR type lenses.

It has quartz timed horizontally traveling electronic focal plane shutter with speeds from 4s to 1/1000 with B. Flash sync is at 1/60 a sec. usable with the hot shoe as well as the X sync PC terminal connector. The self-timer is electronic with a delay of approx 10 sec. Metering modes include aperture-priority, and manual exposure mode. It uses an TTL center-weighted metering system using a silicon photo cell, and a match-LED display with overexposure indicators. The meter has a range of 1 to 18 EV at (ASA 100), settable to film speeds from 12 to 3200 ASA. The film transport uses a single stroke film advance lever and a rewind crank. 

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