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Minolta F25

Camera has been tested by us and works as expected. The remote control wasn't tested with batteries. The shutter and flash performs well. Photo taking optics are clean of defects. Camera might show small signs of wear on the outer plastic cover. 

The Minolta F25 has a built-in light meter. It is designed for an ISO 100 or 400. The camera determines the correct film speed via the DX code. The exposure is set automatically by the 35mm photo camera. However, the shutter speed is fixed at 1/125 second.

An automatic flash is installed for pictures in low light. The power reaches up to 2.5 meters at ISO 100. An automatic for red-eye reduction is available. This function and the flash itself cannot be turned off.

There is a thread for a tripod on the bottom of the camera. The camera does not have a self-timer.

The Minolta requires two AA batteries. Sold separately.

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