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Fuji DL-95 Super Panorama

We are selling this tested point-and-shoot camera in a working condition. Batteries sold separately ( 2 x AA ) . Photos are a part of the product description.

The Fuji DL-95 Super is a viewfinder camera. The 35mm camera is a product of Fuji. The 35mm camera was also sold on the market under the name “Fuji Discovery 90”.

A fixed lens is built into the camera. The manufacturer specifies the focal length of the lens with 35 mm. Focusing is facilitated by built-in autofocus. There is a macro mode, which can be switched on with a switch on the front panel.

The camera has a built-in light meter. The Fuji DL-95 Super has automatic exposure control and automatically adjusts aperture and exposure time. There is a built-in flash for taking pictures in low light conditions, which ensures clear shooting. This can also be used in an anti-red eye mode.

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