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ECN-2 (Remjet) Film processing

Use this order to prepay for your film processing instead of using a mail form.

During the fulfillment you will be able to chose the delivery of your negatives from:

  • Pickup in person (only in Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
  • Keeping it on hold until you send us a return order, or request us to mail the films back.
  • Returning it by mail.
  • Getting negatives destroyed by us.

In case you are making a combined purchase (film processing + any product form the store) you will receive your product and film after your films are processed.

You will receive packing instructions with your order confirmation. You can find it (and even more highlights) back at the LAB page. Over there you can find a paper form with more options (such as export to TIFF, order urgency) as well.

Please bear in mind that this process should be taken as strictly experimental, henceforth no guarantees regarding the results can be delivered.

We are aware you might ask yourself why do we charge so much for processing of ECN-2 films, but the process itself requires much more time, energy and general effort to work with. To compensate we offer EUR1 discount for any extra film (2+ films) you ship for development in ECN-2 process.

Normale prijs Price per unit: €9,95 Eenheidsprijs  per 

Ships within 3-5 working days

Before the purchase please read our refund policy

Inclusief belasting. x Verzendkosten worden berekend bij het afrekenen.

Important note about mailing!

You have to send your film to us according to instructions.