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Contax 137 MD Quartz SLR + Yashica Lens BDS 50mm 1:1.9

We're selling this SLR in good cosmetic condition in a set with the Yashica Lens BDS 50mm 1:1.9. The camera was cleaned and tested, it's confirmed that it's in fully working condition. 


Lens mount: Contax/Yashica bayonet.

Viewfinder: Silver-coated prism with horizontal split-image spot, surrounded by a micro-prism collar. 0.86x magnification shows 95% of picture area. Shutter speeds indicated by 16 LEDs, plus over and under exposure indications; aperture selected; exposure counter; exposure compensation warning LED; Shutter speed LEDs flash to indicate AE lock operation; effective flash range indication; DOF preview.

Shutter: Quartz-timed electronically controlled horizontal travel type cloth focal plane shutter. Semi-continuously variable  on AUTO from 1/1000th to 11 seconds, plus X (1/60th) and B. Electromagnetic shutter release. Quartz-timed electronic self-timer with precise 10 sec delay. Front facing body LED flashes to indicate operation, accelerating 2 seconds before shutter is released.

Meter: TTL, center-weighted averaging metering at full aperture using SPD (Silicon Photo Diode) cell.

Exposure: Aperture-preferred automatic exposure. +/-2 EV exposure compensation button, click stops at every half EV, and is marked 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4. Setting AE lock lever locks in shutter speed in effect at time of setting.

Film Speed: 125 to 3200 ASA.

Flash: Standard X-synch hot shoe at 1/60th, and TTL flash metering with dedicated flash units.

Film Advance: Automatic. Either winds-on one frame, or continuous shooting at 2 f.p.s. Includes a small film advance indicator/confirmation window.


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