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Eastman Double-X 250D 135-36

EASTMAN DOUBLE-X Black and White Negative Film has all the subtleties in tone scale that you love. Optimized for physical performance with a scratch-resistant backing and a process-surviving top layer, the film gives you:

  • smooth camera transport
  • excellent raw stock keeping
  • minimal noise in the camera
  • low risk of ferrotyping.

EASTMAN DOUBLE-X is designed for general production use outdoors and in the studio, in dim light and anywhere you need greater depth of field without increased illumination. A high-speed camera negative film with exceptional image structure characteristics. Create your story through light and shadow with a film optimized for beautiful images and reliable performance.

This film was loaded from a bulk packaging onto individual rolls. The film can be developed in any B/W developer without any adjustments in processing. Allow a tolerance of +/- 2 frames per roll due to manual loading.

Most of films are DX coded (DX code can be found under the sticker - but please do not remove the sticker completely to avoid misunderstandings at the lab of your choosing), film will work with most of cameras with automatic film advance, although we cannot guarantee correct operation in such cameras. 

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