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For anyone starting with analog photography, 35mm film cameras is a must! Check out our collection, to find something that will fit your needs.

Praktica MTL 5B + Zeiss Jena 50/2.8

Regular price €100

Minolta SRT 101 35mm SLR body

Regular price €95

Nikon F2 + DP-2 viewfinder + case

Regular price €500

Canon EOS 500N + Tamton AF Aspherical LD 28-200mm 1:3.8-5.6

Regular price €125

Olympus OM-1 + Olympus OM Zuiko MC 50/1.4

Regular price €295

Zenit ET (B-grade) + Helios 44-2 2/58

Regular price €80

Zenit E + RARE Kashimura Dianon 35mm/3.5

Regular price €100

Olympus IS-3000

Regular price €75

Canon T50

Regular price €40